Hello world!

I thought the default title was appropriate, so I kept it. Anyway, hi everyone (or no one)! I thought for a while about what my first post would be, and although this may be a heavy start, I figured I’d explain a little about how I made the decision to blog. The first time I ever read a blog was when self.com created the food blog. From there, I started reading the plethora of food blogs that quickly followed and became slightly addicted. The truth is, I was definitely getting over some serious eating issues, and sadly (or maybe not so sadly because the bloggers seem to be great people) the internet was my only real place to find support. From all the stories I’ve read, it seems like so many of you have awesome support systems-mostly from family-but I hate to say that I completely lacked that. If I’m going to be honest, someone in my family was basically the catalyst for my issues. I gained some weight and was told I looked fat and should lose weight asap-and was even given the advice of starving myself for a short period-so I did to make someone else happy. Of course, the losing became an obsession, and shit got bad. Luckily, I hit a point where I finally realized I hated what I saw in the mirror-the bones look just wasn’t for me-and was able to listen to myself and begin to get better. Now, I don’t want to put all the blame on this family member, because heck I was the one listening, but my point is simply that without some of the food bloggers out there, I probably wouldn’t have realized what a normal day of eating looked like and how very off my eating was, even during a time when I thought I was eating normally again. I will admit I had a few awesome friends who tried to help, but I tend to be a very private person and therefore never completely confided in anyone about what was going on. Instead, I lied about why I was so thin and consequently lost a lot of people. Today, I am definitely at a better place, but I still keep that time of my life pretty locked up because I hate the idea of being defined by one portion of my life, and sadly I fear that might happen with some people if they knew. I really don’t like people worrying about me, and I know that if some friends knew they would begin to question every time I refused a dessert, for example. 

So, that is the explanation for how I got into the blogging world, and now the reason I’ve finally decided to start a blog is two-fold. 1) I really have grown to love all the bloggers I’ve read and thought it was time to put myself out there the same way they always have, and 2) as a communications student, I think it’s important to delve into the media world a bit, especially since I’m someone who has always been slightly afraid of new technologies. This is my way of breaking that fear. In terms of what I will blog about, I’m not too sure yet. I’ve decided not to do a food blog, partially because I am not THAT exciting food-wise, but also because I think there’s so much more to me and to life. I live in NYC, so I’m hoping that blogging will make me go out and take advantage of the city more so I have some good blog material :). I also love to read and write, to watch movies, to shop (yea, I’m a girl) and to travel, so I’m hoping to include a little of all that in this blog. Hope I get some readers, and feel free to email me if you have ANY questions or comments… I check my email like a crazy person. Ta-ta!



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4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Amy

    Welcome to blogging. Thanks for visiting mine! I appreciate your nice words. Can’t wait to read more Gabby.

  2. hey just came across your blog! good for you for finally taking the plunge and starting your own blog — i believe that any kind of support group, real life or on the internet, is wonderful. I look forward to reading what you have to say :]


  3. gabsinprogress

    Thanks girls! Clearly, it’s in its very early stages, but I’m working on making it way prettier as we speak… and hopefully more interesting. So I hope y’all stick around a bit!

  4. hey girl! thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂 yours is too cute! I LOVE Alice and Wonderland 🙂

    thanks so much for sharing your story so openly and honestly, can’t wait to read more!

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