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I must admit I am slightly addicted to trashy news (aka AOL news, People magazine, etc), so I’m thinking that I’m going to include a bit of trashy news daily to keep any readers I get up-to-date. Today, I came across a pretty disturbing piece on aol.com about a sorority at Colorado State that hazes pretty intensely. As a freshman, I went to a big state school (I transferred), where I joined a sorority. Personally, I loved my sorority… I met some really sweet girls and was never ever hazed. This article talks about a very different kind of sorority, in which girls were starved as part of the hazing ritual (unless they chose to eat cat food). Like, what?! How can any human being do that to another, especially one they will one day call a “sister”? Does anyone understand the hazing ritual? And, I mean, I get wanting to fit in, but why wouldn’t any of these girls simply leave after being starved and sleep deprived? To me, that’s not any organization I’d like to be part of, but it does kind of show how much people will endure/put themselves through to be accepted. Just something to think about. 

To leave you all on a happier note, check out these pics of the new SATC movie. I didn’t personally love the first, but I’m always willing to give Carrie another shot. The shoes are beautiful. 


From InStyle.com

From InStyle.com


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  1. Before I started college, I wanted to be in a sorority courtesy of MTV’s Sorority Life. I never actually joined one, which I sometimes regret, but you can’t turn back time.

    You may find the book PLEDGED by Alexandra Robbins to be of interest. It’s all about a reporter who goes undercover at a sorority to find out about the secrets they have regarding hazing, and such. Completely true, very engrossing. 🙂

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